Introducing Our Wellness Team — A Marriage of Nutrition and Overall Health

Bettina de Caumette, Weavers Way Outreach Coordinator

Over the past few years, you may have noticed a lot of events being offered by the Co-op’s Neighborhood Nutrition Team on topics like gut health, medicinal herbs and zero waste living. Maybe you sat down with a nutritionist for a free consultation in one of our stores. Perhaps you were among the many hundreds of people who attended workshops on breathwork, mindfulness or back pain led by our Health & Wellness Committee.

These programs are all a function of our Membership & Outreach department. Developing workshop streams like these in collaboration with Co-op members sustains our commitment to education and member engagement.

This year, we’re consolidating all of our health and wellness programming under one comprehensive umbrella. Our Neighborhood Nutrition Team is merging with the Health & Wellness Committee to become the new Weavers Way Wellness Team, a single body of more than 16 wellness workshop leaders representing a wealth of experience. Together, they will offer yet more opportunities to learn about cooking and nutrition while also delving into whole body wellness themes, fitness practices and complementary approaches to well-being. They’ll reference a wide spectrum of schools, tools and techniques, offering hands-on, practical learning and inspiration.

Workshops at Weavers Way help create a kind of information commons. When members get involved by giving or attending workshops and other events, we support more informed decision making and encourage more responsible consumerism. Often, we even make new friends! And in the Co-op community, there’s a lot of knowledge to be shared.

In this issue Michelle Stortz writes about the power of laughter and Nicole Schillinger gives recommendations for a heart-healthy diet. And stay tuned for a whole year of similar Wellness Team events across all our locations. May the year ahead be a great one for everyone, full of learning, resilience and sharing!