Staff Celebrity Spotlight: Leila Dow

Job: Part-time front end, Ambler

Since when: March, 2019

Age: 23

Where she’s from and lives now: Ambler, with her parents, Lawrence and Michelle, and her twin brother, L.J. She also has two older sisters: Lauren (28) lives in Mt. Airy and is a second-year law student at Penn; Marissa (26) lives in Los Angeles and is a personal assistant for the STARZ network.

How she got to the Co-op: After graduating from Wissahickon High in 2014, she enrolled at Arcadia University, majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing. She switched her major to graphic design during her junior year, but then decided to take some time off. She worked at Alice Bakery for a while, but eventually came over to the Ambler store.

Full-time gig: She does graphics and website work as an assistant at Marvin Capps Realty in Center City.

Future plans: She’s returning to Arcadia in the fall to finish her degree. Once she graduates, she’d like to work for a design company and get her own place.

Favorite Co-op products: Barbara’s cheese puffs, Red’s all-natural burritos, Belvoir elderflower & rose lemonade

Thoughts on the job: “I like my coworkers a lot. I like my managers. I like the vibe of the store, the customers who come in… They are — nine and a half times out of 10 — super, super nice.”

Thoughts on the Co-op: “I know where everything came from; if I don’t know, I can ask somebody. …It’s very easy to find help when you’re in the store.”

—Karen Plourde