Cooperator of the Month: Rachel Massad

Joined Weavers Way: Last year, after moving to Philadelphia from Atlanta

Lives in: West Mt. Airy

Current job: She’s a special education teacher at Martha Washington School in West Philly, where she teaches life skills to kids with intellectual disabilities.

Why she joined: “I lived in New Mexico for a while and was part of a co-op there, and I really liked the idea.”

Why she’s a working member: “Mostly because I kind of wanted an opportunity to meet people, and I figured this would be a good way to do it.”

Co-op job history: She’s worked in the deli and mucked out the stable at Awbury Arboretum for the Philly Goat Project, but lately, she’s done a lot of shifts as the door monitor in Mt. Airy. “I wanted to support the workers, and I figured the best way to support the workers is to man the door and keep them safe.”

Favorite Co-op products: She confesses to being addicted to LeBus brioche bread and is really enjoying working her way through the cheeses. She does most of her shopping at the Co-op.

Thoughts on the Co-op: “I have a friend here who…lived here [before], and she said the Co-op many years ago was not particularly welcoming or friendly. But I see it being very welcoming and friendly. I really like the Co-op because it is so welcoming.”

— Karen Plourde