Home Delivery Rocks!

Although I have been a Co-op member for many years, I always did the bulk of my shopping at Giant, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods due to their substantially lower prices and my own financial constraints. However, the Co-op’s response to the pandemic has been nothing short of heroic. 

While major supermarket chains tack on as much as $30 or more for delivery fees and are backed up for weeks, Weavers Way magnanimously offered free deliveries to seniors and those with pre-existing conditions. More importantly, it has managed to fill orders within 72 hours! As a result, I feel secure no matter how long the pandemic lasts. 

I love the convenience of weekly deliveries to my front porch of wholesome foods, along with self-indulgent treats like Tate’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. While I have never met the drivers who drop off groceries, each and every one is a soldier on the front lines. Their gallant efforts greatly reduce my risks and that of other seniors.

Thank you, Weavers Way, for looking out for the most vulnerable during this challenging time.

— Stacia Friedman