A New Crop of Local Plants Sprouts Up in Ambler

Mira Kilpatrick, Weavers Way Ambler Floral Buyer

I am excited to announce that Weavers Way Ambler has started offering certified organic vegetable and herb plants from Peace Tree Farm in Kintnersville. In addition to their herbs and vegetables, we have been selling their indoor plants, which have been well received. They include beautiful hanging baskets of Tradescantia and Cissus discolor, and the popular and perky Pilea peperomioides in quart-size pots.

Lloyd and Candy Traven purchased their historic 25-acre farm in Bucks County in 1983 and named it ‘’Peace Tree Farm.” They were inspired by the Native American word “tohickon,” meaning “peace tree.” They utilize sustainable practices, and strive to “push beyond the bounds of conventional horticulture” and combine “innovative biological pest control systems with state-of-the-art greenhouse technology,” according to their website. Their vegetable and herb plants are certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and their ornamental crops, while not certified, are all grown to exacting environmental standards as well. 

As a former farmer, growing practices matter a lot to me, and I know they do to Co-op members as well. It seems more people are interested in starting gardens of their own this year, which is awesome!

I have been incredibly happy with the quality of the plants thus far, and look forward to getting more in as we near the last frost date in our area. As we lead up to Mother’s Day, we anticipate having a great diversity of transplants for your gardens: annual and perennial herbs, cooking greens and lettuces, zucchinis, watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers and eggplants. 

Peace Tree also grows unique items like red-veined sorrel, heirloom tomatoes and their own cultivar of specialty lavender. Keep your eyes peeled for extra sales around Mother’s Day!