Pet Store Manager Jumps Into the Breach to Secure Sanitizer For Local Nurses’ Union

Kathleen Casey, Weavers Way Development Manager

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We’re all aware that supplies of hand sanitizer are low throughout the country. Norman Weiss, Weavers Way purchasing manager, struggled to locate sanitizer suitable for Co-op employees, ultimately finding some through Palmer’s Distillery of Manayunk.

Unfortunately, the problem of low supplies also exists for area healthcare professionals. Hospitals have come up short securing supplies, whether due to supply chain problems or people taking more than their fair share (Yes, there are stories of sanitizers locked away in hospital closets so that hospital visitors won’t steal it).

In response, Across the Way Pet Store Manager Anton Goldschneider agreed to help a local nurses union, the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals, find sanitizer for their members. After lots of back and forth, and explaining the order was for hospital staff, Anton arranged the purchase of five-gallon bottles of sanitizer through an agricultural supply company. The nurses union had volunteers fill small bottles with the sanitizer and distributed them to nurses to stash in their pockets, safe and ready to use. Big props to Anton!