Kudos for Co-op’s Response to COVID

Weavers Way has been a leader and an inspiration in the struggle to keep us safe during the COVID-19 emergency. The Co-op was ready to respond before the danger was even declared to have reached our shores.

How could they have been ready so quickly? The answer is leadership. Before the ‘big boys’ in the business world had come to terms with the meaning and demands of a global pandemic, the Co-op, specifically General Manager Jon Roesser, was planning for it. So when the reality of the pandemic hit the United States and ‘distancing’ became the norm, the Co-op responded in real time with the following steps:

  • Store hours were adjusted to allow for sanitizing the stores. In addition, displays were rearranged to create more safety for shoppers, and staff received additional training;
  • Protective gear was required for all staff and strongly recommended for shoppers;
  • The number of shoppers allowed in the stores at a time was set according to square footage,
  • No-contact home deliveries and curbside pickup service began immediately.

Now, believe it or not, cloth masks are being offered on a limited basis.

A number of these concessions are now part of every business in large or small part. But I am willing to bet we are still ahead of the curve at Weavers Way. And why not? We had a head start!

Thank you Jon Roesser, Membership Manager Kirsten Bernal and all the staff, volunteers and members who make us strong. I am a member, and I couldn’t be prouder!

— Marisa Herrera