Slice It, Dice It, Serve It: DIY Condiments

Kieran McCourt, Weavers Way Ambler

Scallion-Ginger Sauce:

  1. Heat one cup neutral oil on the stove just until it begins to smoke.
  2. Pour over well-salted thinly sliced scallions and minced ginger in a heatproof vessel.
  3. Allow to cool. It will keep in an airtight container in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. (Assuming it even lasts that long.)

Thai Peanut Sauce:

Whisk together ½ cup peanut butter, 1 tbs. soy sauce, sambal oelek to taste, brown sugar to taste and a handful of sliced scallions. Keep ¼ cup water nearby to thin the sauce to your liking.

Vinaigrette Basics:

  • One part acid to 3-4 parts oil.
  • Choose an oil whose flavor you enjoy, along with your favorite vinegar or even fresh citrus. (Never use distilled white vinegar.)
  • In a bowl, whisk oil into the acid in a slow steady stream to emulsify. Or combine all into a jam jar or small mason jar and shake to combine. Season with salt.
  • A small amount of Dijon mustard and maple syrup can help with the emulsifying process.
  • Add in solids like shallots, garlic, anchovy, ginger, etc.

Fresh Herb Salsa/Chimichurri:

  • Chop, blitz in the processor or mortar and pestle a selection of your favorite herbs. Add shallot, garlic and ginger if desired.
  • Combine with a fair amount of oil and vinegar and add salt to taste.

Quick Pickles:

  • Clean jars with warm soapy water and allow to dry.
  • Slice/shred/separate vegetables of choice: Radishes, onions, cucumbers, carrots (cut into spears or shred), cauliflower (separate into florets).
  • Pack veggies into jars.
  • Combine 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup water, 2 tbs. kosher salt, and 1 tbs. sugar (if desired). Bring to a boil until salt (and sugar, if using) are dissolved.
  • Pour brine over the veggies and leave about half an inch of headspace.
  • Stored in an airtight jar in the fridge, quick pickles can last up to two months. Other flavors can be added, including crushed red pepper flakes, garlic, mustard seeds and more!