A Half-Dozen Tips to Remember When Switching to Renewable Electricity

Noah Swistak, Member Services Lead, The Energy Co-op

Shopping for renewable electricity can be as easy as shopping for your groceries. But it makes sense to understand the quality and source of both the food that powers you and the energy that powers your home or business.

Through March 31, Weavers Way members who become new members of The Energy Co-op by enrolling in its renewable electricity program will be eligible to receive a $25 credit to their EasyPay account. Quality nourishment, quality power!

The Energy Co-op is a different kind of renewable electricity supplier and was founded by Weavers Way in 1979. As a member-owned, nonprofit cooperative, we provide 100% renewable electricity with 100% transparency and have done so since 1998. Our members know every cent is going toward our mission of helping them affordably and sustainably buy, use and understand energy.

We invite you to learn just how easy shopping for renewable electricity in Pennsylvania can be. Here are some tips to keep in mind when making your choice:

1. Choose a Pennsylvania supplier

If you’ve decided to power your home with renewable electricity, why not support your local, clean energy economy by choosing a local supplier? By doing that, your renewable electricity dollars will have the most impact. They will not only reduce carbon emissions but also will create local, clean energy jobs and investment in our region.

2. Choose a Pennsylvania supplier that offers 100% Pennsylvania renewable electricity

There is no better way to support investment in local clean energy jobs than by buying renewable electricity generated right here in Pennsylvania. Members of The Energy Co-op have the option to power their home or business with renewable energy produced in our home state, which can help drive local renewable energy costs even lower.

3. Choose a Pennsylvania electricity supplier that supplies only renewable electricity

In Pennsylvania, the least expensive renewable electricity is offered by large, vertically integrated companies that also generate and supply electricity produced with coal, natural gas, nuclear and other non-renewable fuels. Renewable supply often makes up less than 10% of the electricity generated by these companies. There’s no assurance that the dollars you spend on renewable energy won’t be invested in non-renewable fuel projects.

Buying from a supplier like The Energy Co-op, which supplies only renewable electricity, provides peace of mind about where your clean energy dollar is going.

4. Choose a Pennsylvania electricity supplier that supplies only wind and solar power

Wind and solar power are the two fastest-growing electricity generation sources in the United States. But in many states, including Pennsylvania, electricity produced from a wide array of sources, including hydroelectric dams, wood pulping and even coal mine methane is designated as “renewable” or “alternative.” Now is not the time for 19th century technology. In the 21st century, make sure all of your renewable electricity comes from 100% wind and solar power.

5. Choose a Pennsylvania supplier that offers a 12-month fixed rate without any cancellation fee

Some renewable electricity suppliers offer fixed rates for terms shorter than a full year (only three months), or much longer (up to 36 months). Some charge fees on cancellations made prior to the end of term. Look for a supplier that offers the guarantee of a fixed rate for a year, with no penalty for cancellation due to an unexpected event. You can’t plan for the unexpected, but you can buy renewable electricity from a supplier who protects you from it.

6. Buy renewable electricity from yourself!

The Energy Co-op is a nonprofit cooperative, owned by its members. We don’t have customers; there are no tricks or gimmicks. As a cooperative, The Energy Co-op’s business is entirely transparent to its members. And becoming a member of The Energy Co-op also supports the growth of a network of local, community-focused cooperatives like Weavers Way.

As a Philadelphia-based cooperative, The Energy Co-op supplies only 100% wind- and solar-powered, renewable electricity to our members, many of whom choose our 100% Pennsylvania power option. We also offer fixed rates for 12 months with no signup, monthly or cancellation fees. Learn more at theenergy.coop and contact us at info@theenergy.coop or 215-413-2122.