Weavers Words

The Gift

It was the blunt tapping of memory,

Piece after piece that finally

Cracked the shell of my soul,

Let excruciating light flood in

The blinding white Awakeness

The precious despair of mortality

Warm softness of vulnerability

All bursting through the crack like life itself

— Heather Shafter

Lunar Gaze

Come hither calls the moon

With its mournful lunar face

There’s no one else out tonight

No other soul to see my light

Just you and I and the deep dark sky

I’ll lead you from your inner maze

As I’ve done for those before

Who’ve sat with me at heaven’s door.

— Kirstie Jones


Grounded in Earth

Breathe Fire….Nurture Plants

Conduit Between

Heaven and Earth

Hold Sacred Your Energy


It Runs Free.

— Cindy Shapiro

Geller “Belle of Amherst”

sitting by her window

hidden from world’s view

her words span the years

to me and you

knitting thoughts together

verse upon verse

quietly to herself

the Belle of Amherst

— Lawrence H. Geller

New Rules (Getting Old)

Stay six feet away

Wash hands and don’t touch your face

Stay home if you can.

— Fern Zeigler

Feeling Inspired? Here Are Our Guidelines:

  1. Poems must be written by you and can contain no more than eight lines.
  2. The Shuttle editor has the final say as to whether a poem is suitable for publication.
  3. The number of poems in an issue is determined by the amount of space available.
  4. Members and nonmembers are welcome to submit.
  5. Email your submissions to editor@weaversway.coop and put “Poetry submission for Shuttle” in the subject line.
  6. Preference for publishing will be given to those whose work has yet to appear in the paper.

Thanks. We’re looking forward to your creation!