Neighborhood Nutrition: Here's to a Happy & Healthy 2018

The Weavers Way Neighborhood Nutrition Team is a group of six nutritionists, dietitians and other wellness practitioners who are working together to bring nutrition inspiration and information to Co-op members. The team aims to provide information and resources that empower members to make desired changes in their nutritional program. 

In 2018, the team will offer a series of educational workshops and demonstrations — and some tastings, too! — addressing a monthly theme. Visit the Online Events Calendar often for details and updates!

JANUARY: The Food/Mood Connection

We’ll explore the ways your emotional state is connected to the foods you eat and the ways your body processes this food.

FEBRUARY: Heart Health

How can we keep our hearts healthy and happy? What foods support heart health —physical and emotional? 

MARCH: Soups, Stews & Broths

The weather outside may still be frightful, but warm meals can make March delightful. Explore healthy and delicious recipes that are perfect for the end of winter.

APRIL: Spring Allergies

Your diet can help alleviate — or aggravate — the misery of spring allergies. Learn about the food / allergy connection. 

MAY: Grains & Gluten

What is gluten? What is “whole” grain? Learn methods of soaking and cooking grains for digestibility and discuss the symptoms and prevalence of wheat sensitivity. Workshops, demos and tours will introduce participants to grains other than wheat.

JUNE: Eating with the Seasons

Even a modest increase in consumption of local and seasonal foods is good for the planet and can be more healthful, too. June programs will focus on tips and recipe ideas for eating seasonally and locally. 

JULY: Healthy Skin 

Our largest organ, the skin is continuously exposed to internal and external influences that can alter its condition and function. We’ll focus on good nutrition for healthy skin and talk a bit about sunscreens, too. 

AUGUST: Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

Grass-fed, organic, hormone-free, raw — what do all these terms mean, and what do they mean for our health and the environment? 

SEPTEMBER: Back to School

We’ll consider healthy meals, packed lunches and “fast” foods that won’t break the bank. 

OCTOBER: Coffee & Chocolate

As we talk about coffee and chocolate sourcing, nutrition information and impacts of these delicious treats on health and wellness, we’ll also offer tastings.

NOVEMBER: Herbs for Everyday Wellness

Taste teas, explore tinctures, discuss the use of culinary herbs and the impact of herbs on our health as we focus on traditional herbal supports for self and community.

DECEMBER: Healthy Holidays

Holiday eating can often compromise nutrition and digestion. We’ll suggest strategies, recipes and resources to help you stay well and feel great throughout the season.