Why I Give: Lauren Cohen

Food Moxie recently interviewed new Board member Lauren Cohen.

You not only give of your time to Food Moxie, but you also are a donor. What inspired you to get involved with and start giving to Food Moxie?

I had wanted to get more involved with helping others in the community, and when I learned that Food Moxie not only works to feed people in need, but also gives opportunities for them to spend time on the organic garden/farm to expand their knowledge about healthy eating, I knew I wanted to get involved with this wonderful organization!

What are your areas of expertise?

I have spent most of my career working in marketing and advertising; I recently started working for Mim & Ray, a nonprofit that gives back to senior citizens. I am passionate about health and wellness and other ways to live a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.

Describe a food experience that’s important to you.

Cooking and sharing meals together was my family’s way of spending quality time together. I love that Food Moxie is educating, empowering and building confidence with the families they work with, so they can eventually spend quality time preparing and enjoying healthy meals together, like I was lucky enough to experience growing up.

You recently visited our Hope Garden and Hope Farm program sites.

Yes! It was so nice to see organic foods growing right here in Philadelphia, where people could access it to taste fresh produce and to find a place of safety and peace. [Executive Director] Jill Fink and I spoke at length about Food Moxie and I was so impressed and inspired by the work you all do. It made me even more excited to volunteer!

What do you hope to bring to the organization as a Board member?

I hope to help by using my marketing skills and passions that align with Food Moxie’s vision and goals. I hope to provide support for the promotion of healing and building toward a healthy lifestyle — all of which can help when facing adversity, building resilience and finding joy — for students attending Saul or MLK, and people living at Stenton Family Manor.