Thanks from Solar Co-op

The Northwest Philly Solar Co-op (an offspring of Weavers Way) and the Environmental Justice Center of Chestnut Hill United Church thank the Weavers Way community for your support of the solar workshop we ran in Ambler Borough Hall in November. We were delighted to have 38 people spend a Sunday afternoon learning about the feasibility of installing solar power on their properties. We promoted the workshop primarily by means of The Shuttle (online and paper editions) and a flyer placed in the Weavers Way Ambler store. Most of the participants at the workshop said they learned of it through Weavers Way.

We’re delighted to be part of such a special community largely bound by social and environmental values, committed to “walking the walk.” In these deeply troubling political times, as our president and congressional leaders run the opposite way from climate change by continuing to boost fossil fuels, it’s great to see individuals take action towards a sustainable future.

Joy Bergey, Director
Environmental Justice Center of Chestnut Hill United Church